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PHOTOS: ABC News 9/11 Photos: Sept. 11 Photos On World Trade Center Aftermath
Newly released September 11, 2001 photos offer a new perspective on attacks. The vast collection of photos and some videos previously held by the National Institute of Standards and Technology shows the horrific aftermath of two commercial jetliners hitting the towers, leaving nearly 2800 dead. World Trade Center - American Broadcasting Company - National Institute of Standards and Technology - September 11 attacks - Terrorism
Biden: U.S. 'Shoulder To Shoulder' With Israel
Vice President Joe Biden urged Israelis and Palestinians to take historic steps toward peace during his keynote address at Tel Aviv University today. "Ladies and gentlemen, the status quo is not sustainable," he warned in his most passionate comment. Tel Aviv University - United States - Joe Biden - Israel - Palestinian people
Seniors Cope With Social (in)Security Struggles (The Palladium-Times)
Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., announced recently that he is pushing for legislation that would provide a $250 check to Social Security recipients who were denied a cost of living increase in 2009.
Coffey: Details On Social Security Phone Number, Benefits Spotlighted (Chattanooga Times Free Press)
Q: Mrs. K. of Ooltewah asks: “A friend of mine tells me that the Chattanooga Social Security office has a new telephone number. Does this mean I will be able to talk to someone in the office? In the past all I have gotten is a busy signal when I called so I would go to the office to get my questions answered.”
Massa Media Blitz: Says Groping Was 'Tickling'
Former Democratic Rep. Eric Massa of New York, who quit abruptly last week and promised not to go quietly, took to the airwaves Tuesday night in two cable network interviews to explain his behavior and the allegations that he sexually harassed two male aides. But the more Massa tries to explain himself, the stranger his story gets. Eric Massa - Democratic Party - Sexual harassment - Politics - New York
Social Security Information
story links: Social Security Information
First Women Airforce Pilots Get Gold
The women who blazed the way for female air force pilots will be awarded the Congressional gold medal today on Capitol Hill. Congressional Gold Medal - Air force - United States - Military - World War II
Punch: Tom Hanks Checks In On Press And Espresso Machine
Actor Tom Hanks, in D.C. for a screening of "The Pacific," stops by W.H. briefing room. Tom Hanks - World War II - Pacific - Steven Spielberg - Beverage
PHOTOS: Travels Of The Obama Presidency
Highlights from President Obama's latest travels around the world.
WATCH: Dreier: Dems Will Be 'Accountable' For Special Deals
Rep. David Dreier tells "Top Line" Dems are trying to "ram this thing through." David Dreier - Republican - Politics - Parties - United States
PHOTOS: President's Day: A Black President In The Making
For the first President's Day in U.S. history, America has an African-American president. In honor of Black History Month, we take a look back at influential government figures who helped break down racial barriers and stereotypes to allow Barack Obama to take the Oval Office. Barack Obama - Black History Month - United States - Oval Office - President of the United States
WATCH: Hanks, Spielberg Celebrate WWII Vets
Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg promote new miniseries, honor vets in D.C. Steven Spielberg - Tom Hanks - World War II - United States - Entertainment
$657M Settlement Reached With 9/11 Workers
First responders will split as much as $657 million according to the severity of their illnesses. Ground zero - Law - Warfare and Conflict - Services - September 11 2001
Social Security Topic Of Chester Library Program (The Progress)
CHESTER – “Social Security: Know the Facts” is the topic at a Senior Lunch n Learn” at noon on Monday, March 8, at the Chester Library.
Obama Delays Trip To Wrangle Votes
President Obama's decision to delay his trip to Indonesia and Australia speaks volumes about how Democrats lack the votes to pass health care legislation. Barack Obama - Health care - Australia - Democratic Party - President
WATCH: 'The Note': Obama Delays Trip
President Obama has delayed his trip to Asia so that he can work on health care. Health care - Barack Obama - President of the United States - President - United States
PHOTOS: Newly Released 9/11 World Trade Center Aerials
NYPD releases new World Trade Center 9/11 aerials photos from Sept. 11 attacks. World Trade Center - September 11 2001 - Terrorism - Incidents - Image Galleries
PHOTOS: Winter Weather Around The World
Winter Weather Around the World - A historic snowfall dumps more than two feet of snow on Washington, D.C. and other surrounding regions. Thousands gather in Dupont Circle for a snowball fight. Washington DC - Dupont Circle Washington D.C. - Snowball fight - Snow - United States
WATCH: Dodd Goes It Alone
Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., plans on financial reform without bipartisan support. Christopher Dodd - United States - Chris Dodd - Politics - Government

  • A Look at Electric Wheelchairs and Medicare
    Electric wheelchairs are very expensive and therefore, it can be a difficult decision whether to buy one. However, Medicare usually covers up to 80% of the cost of electric wheelchairs. Any secondary insurance...
  • President Bush Supports Price Negotiations
    A recent article on Merrill Goozner's blog GoozNewz points out that President Bush recently endorsed drug price negotiations. Many have thought the president to be staunchly opposed to letting Medicare...
  • Medicare Tax
    In 1965, Congress enacted the Social Security Act, and established the Medicare tax as a way to care for the elderly in this country. In addition to the creation of Medicare, Medicaid was also established,...
  • How To Take Advantage of Medicare Part D
    Try to imagine the new medical insurance plan from a detached position. There is an excellent opportunity for seniors sharp enough to see it, and it is available to anyone willing to do a little math....
  • Don't Trust Your Long Term Care to Medicare
    For many people, making the decision whether or not to purchase long term care insurance can be a tough one. They are very costly, there is no guarantee you'll ever need it, and if you do, surely Medicare...
  • The History of the Social Security System
    In the years before the Great Depression, not very much thought had been given to the economic well-being of the country's elderly, nor about the economic health of the country as a whole. But the Great...
  • Feeling FICA
    What does FICA stand for?
    FICA stands for the Federal Insurance Contributions Act. The history of the act reverts back to the year 1935, when the government implemented the social security program. A...
  • Solving Social Security: Fire the Politicians!
    As an investor, I've always wondered why Social Security is such a problem. What's so difficult about managing this particular Trust Fund, and why is it so different from other investment accounts that...
  • Social Security Member's Concerns
    Changing of Names
    The Social Security has set some rules and regulations to be followed by members who wish to have their names changed. There are various circumstances where name changing is allowed and...
  • Explanation Of Retirement Benefits
    RETIREMENT BENEFITBenefits constitute the most important spot when you reach old age. Different agencies takes business on this matter and most of them provides a comprehensive details and options to managing...
    There have been many discussions regarding social security but just what social security means. The term social security pertains to the benefit payments provided to workers and their dependents who qualify...
  • Social Security and Living with AIDS
    Over the years, cases of people living with HIV/AIDS have increased. Although treatment for AIDS and HIV exist, there is no known cure until today. People with AIDS are confronted with the problem of coping...
  • Vital Facts about Social Security Death
    Ignorance excuses no one. It is a well-established legal maxim which means don't sleep on your duty to know the law in order not to be oppressed or victimized. Most of the deceased family members are...
  • What You Should Know About Medicare
    Medicare is the Federal health insurance program that is available to older people and to many of those with disabilities. Generally, a person is eligible for Medicare when turning age 65. In other instances,...