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What is a CPA Dad?

CPA Moms is trade name given to Accounting and Tax Professionals who chose to work in an “relaxed” environment.  Some work from home, other work from personal offices.   Not all are moms, there are some CPA Dads, of which LZ Buttrum is one.  Each CPA Mom is independent and licensed by their state CPA agency.  


Being in a relaxed environment has many advantages.  Lower overhead, faster response time, more availability etc.
To be a member of CPA Moms, the CPA must ALWAYS be in good standing with their state licensing CPA agency, experienced, and must demonstrate  a high level of ethics, professionalism and proficiency.  

Tax Net Inc, the parent company of the CPA Moms, has developed marketing and on line systems to help qualified CPA’s work from their relaxed environment and offer better service at a lower price to the consumer.  Since the CPA Moms do taxes and accounting of all complexities, there is always a CPA Mom available for every level of work.  

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Letters for Mortgage Loans

IRS Representation
    Non-collectible status negotiations
    Release of Federal Tax Lien
    Review IRS Transcripts
    Wage Levy Release
    Filing of past-due tax returns

    Expert Witness Services
    Personal Financial Planning
    College Financial Planning
    Tax Planning
    Estate Planning
    Retirement Planning 

   Entity Selection & Registration
   Business Succession Planning
   Business Valuation
   Buying & Selling a Business
   Buying vs. Leasing Vehicles
   Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis
   Business Consulting
   Buying & Selling a Business
   Pension & Profit Sharing Plans
   Financial Statements
   Accounting Services
   Bookkeeping\Record Keepping\Write Up
   Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis
   Payroll Services
   Forensic Accounting
   Sales Tax Services
   Management Advisory Services
   Debt & Financing Services

Tax Preparation
   Sole Proprietorship

Business Tax Preparation 
    Sole Owner
    C Corporation Tax Preparation
    S Corporation Tax Preparation
    Filing of past-due tax returns
    Injured/Innocent Spouse
    Installment Agreement
    Estate Trust Tax Preparation
    Non Profit 
    Rental Property Tax Prep
    Stock & Bond Tax Prep
    Commodities Tax Prep
    Foreign Investments Tax
    1031 Tax Free Exchanges

Disclamer: On the pages of this web site you will find articles and news items about real estate and refinancing.  This information was collected from many independent sources.  The opinions expressed by each source is their opinion and is not necessarily the opinion of the CPA Moms.  Each article or news item offers a different point of view and the source of each.   This information is for general information only. 

If you want a specific opinion, please contact me


Refinancing News  

Articles about Refinancing

  • Refinancing Second Mortgages
    Refinancing a Second MortgageFor individuals that have two mortgages, there may be advantages to refinancing a second mortgage. If youre one of these individuals and are considering refinancing a second...
  • Refinancing Your Mortgage Can Really Save You Money
    Refinancing a mortgage is simply taking out a new mortgage. It means paying off one or more old debts by getting a new loan. Sometimes, refinancing your mortgage can really save you money. You may be able...
  • When Mortgage Refinancing Is A Good Idea
    Refinancing a mortgage is simply taking out a new mortgage. It means paying off one or more old debts by getting a new loan. Sometimes, refinancing your mortgage can really save you money. You may be able...
  • Questions To Ask About Refinancing
    Its important to think of all the questions to ask about refinancing before actually signing anything as refinancing is not for everyone. People refinance for many reasons - to lower monthly payments,...
  • Top 3 Reasons To Consider Refinancing Your House
    Your house is one of the biggest purchases you have probably ever made. You make payments faithfully each month, take care of the interior and exterior, and fix it up to meet your current needs. Whether...
  • How To Get Started With Home Refinancing
    If youre sourcing resources on home refinancing, things got considerably easier since the beginning of the cyberspace. You basically had go to a library in order to find somewhat appropriate to home refinancing...
  • The Real Estate Bubble Fallacy
    There has been a lot of talk lately about the "Real Estate Bubble", and a lot of folks are asking the question: "When it is going to burst"? They are saying that the market just cant sustain this level...
  • Real Estate Bubble Aftermath
    Last spring, I was invited to go to Philadelphia and participate in a "real estate bubble" discussion on Ch 8s "Money Matters Today." Television reporters, newspapers, and media hype love scaring you...
  • Home Mortgage Loans
    Getting rid of the mortgage early is something that many home owners in the UK aspire to achieve. Being free of the principal financial debt in most peoples lives at the earliest stage possible offers...
  • Mortgage Made Easy
    Synchronize your brain with mortgage dictionary to understand the basic concepts of mortgage. Everybody will finance a mortgage loan in some point of life. In fact, a large percentage of the total household...
  • Refinance Mortgage Rate And Mortgage Rates
    Refinance mortgage rate is the best rate available to qualified homeowners for refinancing their current home mortgage. Refinance mortgage rates vary from product to product and customer to customer. A...
  • A Home Mortgage Makes Dreams Come True
    Getting a house of your own is a lifetime achievement and a home mortgage helps you in achieving this milestone much earlier than it would otherwise have been possible. In fact, the first home mortgage...
  • Things To Remember Before Selecting Mortgage Loans
    Mortgage loans are the easiest way to own your house or property. New low down payment and longer mortgage terms allows people with low income or low cash to purchase their home by taking home mortgage...
  • Types Of Loans
    Loan TypesWhat types of loans are available to me? There are many different types of mortgage offered to consumers. Some of the most popular mortgage broker are the FHA Home Loan (Federal Housing Administration)...
  • First Time Home Owner Mortgage Loans
    First time home owners are sometimes surprised at the complexity of the mortgage lending process. If you are searching for a mortgage and you have never owned a home, there a few things you can do to make...
  • Options For Individuals With Bad Credit
    If youve had problems with your credit in the past, you might think that your options are extremely limited in regards to financial matters. While its true that it can be more difficult to find loans...
  • Bad Credit Mortgage Refinancing
    Many a times due to some unexpected financial expenses a person may fail to make the repayment of the Mortgage loan and in such case Mortgage Refinancing would be the best option. In case you are credits...
  • Refinancing Your Home Mortgage Loan With Bad Credit
    There are numerous reasons a person has bad credit. Late or partial payments, missing payments, and too many outstanding debts could all be factors that have left you with a poor credit rating. If you...
  • What Is A FICO Score
    A credit score is most commonly known as a FICO score. FICO stands for Fair Isaacs Corporation. Its a company that developed the credit scoring software used to evaluate your credit worthiness.Most lenders...
  • Bad Credit Credit Cards How You Can Avoid High Fees
    Individuals with problematic credit histories often suffer unfairly from high mortgage, insurance, and car loan rates. On top of that, they have difficulty getting approved for credit cards. The whole...
  • Bad Credit Doesnt Rule Out Unsecured Credit Cards
    Many people believe that because of their bad credit, unsecured credit cards are not available to them. While it may be more difficult, there are options for people with bad credit who want an unsecured...


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