Understanding The Different Types of Bullying In The Workplace 
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Understanding The Different Types of Bullying In The Workplace

By Carl Lafresnaye

There are many different types of bullying in the workplace that we must learn to recognize. The most common types of bullying in the workplace involves pressure bullying, corporate bullying, client bullying, serial bullying, secondary bullying and cyber bullying.

These different types of bullying have common effects of stress, humiliations and fear on the part of the person who is the target of the bullying.

In most case, the person who is a target by these types of bullying in the workplace find it difficult to get out of the situation without quitting his or her job. If the person who is the target of one or two of these types of bullying does not quit his or her job or does not fight back and try to stop the bullying process, he or she will most likely suffer from the long term effects of bullying.

What Is Pressure Bullying?

Pressure bullying usually happens between the boss and the subordinate. There are certain types of bosses who put too much pressure on their staff such as giving too tight and unrealistic deadlines, giving the employee a work quota that is impossible to achieve without the employee giving up his or her break time and asking the employee to work long hours and even on weekends and threatening to fire the employee if he or she refuses to accede to the request for work overtime. In this type of bullying, the boss usually used his or her influence over the employee to make the employee’s life miserable.

In many cases, pressure bullying happens during stressful times. Due to the stress of the moment, the boss has the tendency to bark orders at his or her subordinates without considerations for the feelings of that subordinate. In many cases, when the boss is totally stressed out, he or she shouts or swears at his or her subordinate. Although irritability and short-temper is normal for people under pressure, the fact that the boss does not apologize for what he or she has done during the heat of the moment makes the incident a form of bullying.

Corporate Bullying

This type of bullying is a combination of pressure bullying and the manipulation. A common example of corporate bullying is when the company exploits a situation where the labor laws are weak and jobs are hard to come by. Since the corporation knows that the employee will most likely stick to the job out of necessity, it will put pressure on the employee to put more efforts on his or her job. In many cases, the corporation will require the employees to work longer hours and denies the employee some of the benefits that are due to him or her.



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