The Issue Of Suicide In School Due To Bullying 
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Suicide in School


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The Issue Of Suicide In School Due To Bullying

By Carl Lafresnaye

Many times, teachers and parents look down on the idea of bullying, or brush it off as a minor annoyance that really isnít something to be concerned about.

The problem is that the situation can be far worse than parents and teachers can admit, and if your child has problems being bullied, the idea of serious impacts and serious problems is very real to your child and to your childís classmates.

Sadly, there are many cases that result from being mistreated, and one of them is suicide in school due to bullying. What this means is the idea of bullying is much more serious than anyone could have known, and something has to be done to stop it as soon as it is noticed.

Why Is It So Bad?

It seems that a lot of the time, bullying has gotten worse and worse in school settings. Some kids are just picked on from the beginning, and this could be for many reasons, most of which arenít very logical. There is very much a hierarchy in schools today, and usually it begins right from the start.

If a child isnít included in the popular crowd, and is, for some reason, picked on, that child might be picked on for their entire school career. Unless they can get help or can find a good group of friends to lean on, the idea of suicide in school due to bullying is very real for them.

This happens because sometimes by the time a child gets to an age where they begin to think about their lives, they realized that for as long as they have been in school, they have been bullied. They might also see that there is no end in sight, because young children canít usually think about the future in terms that make them feel better. Some might feel that suicide in school due to bullying is the only out that they have, and they might begin to believe what the bullies are saying about them.

Believe In Bullies

One of the biggest factors in suicide in school due to bullying results from when a child begins to believe that what the bullies are saying about them is true. This usually happens when a child has listened to the same things over and over again from bullies, and begins to believe that it is true. If they believe the bullies then suicide in school due to bullying is really the only way they can see to stop it. The idea of suicide in school due to bullying is a very scary one, yet some children feel that it is simply their last hope.



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