Reason To Be Mean Bullying at School in Elementary Students Bullying Hypothesis 
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Reason To Be Mean Bullying at School in Elementary Students Bullying Hypothesis

By Carl Lafresnaye

For a long time, bullying has been a part of school life for many people. Many schools have adopted no bullying rules, and many of them are quite strict at enforcing the rules.

This is because bullying has become a major problem, and has been shown to lead to lots of problems, even later in life. Bullying is something that many people have thought about, and something that has gotten lots of different kinds of attention. However, something that is only sometimes explored is an elementary students bullying hypothesis, or better put, why a student actually becomes a bully. There are many different types of elementary students bullying hypothesis that can be explored, as there are many reasons why a student might feel the need to become a bully and to therefore become mean to those around him.

Why Be A Bully

There are many reasons to think that there is more than one elementary students bullying hypothesis. There are many different people in the world, and bullying occurs in these people in different ways. There are too many forms of bullying to make it easy to put one elementary students bullying hypothesis as the correct one, so the main elementary students bullying hypothesis has become a series of reasons why a child might decide that bullying is their best or only option.


Many people suggest that a elementary students bullying hypothesis is that children who bully have been bullied their entire lives. This means that they have been taught that the way to get the things they want is to force someone to give them to them, or to simply take them. This could reflect on the parents, or it could have happened somewhere else. Chances are good that a child who is bullied in any way will become a bully.

Self- Protection

Another elementary students bullying hypothesis might be that a child is trying to protect themselves. If they fear something, or have a reason to feel that they have to protect themselves, they are going to be more likely to become a bully.



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