Looking At The Impact Of Cyber Bullying 
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impact of cyber bullying


Bullying Articles * Impact Of Cyber Bullying

Looking At The Impact Of Cyber Bullying

By Carl Lafresnaye

When it comes to bullying, there is always going to be a huge impact. When it comes to the issue of cyber bullying, there is also going to be an impact.

The impact of cyber bullying is something that hasnít been researched a lot because the idea of cyber bullying is something that is rather new. However, it has been shown that the impact of cyber bullying is greater than some people have assumed, and could actually have dangerous consequences.

Different Impacts

Many people assume that since regular bullying takes place face to face, and cyber bullying takes place online, there is going to be less of an impact of cyber bullying than regular bullying. However, this is simply not true. While the ideas of regular bullying might be frightening physically, there is more of an emotional impact of cyber bullying, which means that the victim often spends a lot of time thinking and worrying about the bullying, and might find themselves constantly worried about it and confused by it. This is simply the way that cyber bullying has the greatest effect Ė people are going to find that they are constantly worried about what is going to happen.

Another impact of cyber bullying is also the fact that protecting yourself online is going to become very time consuming, and might take up more of your time than you had at first anticipated. This is something that also becomes very important to think about, because if you are constantly having to worry about locking down your computer and finding ways that people canít find you online, you might find that you are very stressed and very worried, and this can also be an impact of cyber bullying that can have a great affect on you and the way that you live your life.

Bullying is never something that should be accepted, no matter how old you are and no matter what the situation is. Most of the time, there are things that can be done, through the proper channels, and depending on how bad the impact of cyber bullying is on you, you might want to see what you can personally do to stop it. Cyber bullying is a problem that many people have had, and it will continue to be a problem, so you need to learn how to protect yourself so that you can continue to live your normal life with no worries or concerns about bullying.



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