How to Mitigate the Effects of Bullying In Your Child 
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How to Mitigate the Effects of Bullying In Your Child

By Carl Lafresnaye

Has your child been displaying some signs of bullying at school? If you are one of those parents who have to deal with the effects of bullying in your child, donít lose heart.

You are not alone in this struggle. In fact, according to reports, hundreds of parents in the United States have to deal with the effects of bullying on their children. Often times, it is not easy to deal as in some extreme cases, the effects of bullying on your child could be quite serious. It is not uncommon for children who are living in fear to become depressed, obsessively withdrawn, irritable and even violent at times.

Signs and Symptoms

To deal with the effects of bullying, you must learn to recognize the symptoms provoked by bullying. If your child always tries to find a reason not to go to school, do not start ranting and raving at your child. Gently ask your child what is wrong and why he or she does not want to go to school. It is normal for the child to pretend that nothing is wrong. In fact most children that are suffering from the effects of bullying tend to deny their problem and will not tell their parents what is going on at school or at the playground. Sometimes children are simply too terrified or too embarrassed to talk about the bullying. Note that bullies have a way of threatening a child into keeping his mount shut about the abuse he suffered at the hands of the bully.

If you child does not want to talk about what is bothering him, try to find out about it in some other ways. You can take a day off from work and secretly follow your child to school. Observe how your child behaves in front of his or her peers. If you noticed that the other kids are being mean to him or her, do not come in flying from the bushes to the rescue. Your child will never thank you if you do that. In fact, he or she might even be so angry at you that he or she will not talk to your for days at all.

Of course it is not easy to watch your kid being bullied but you must learn to restrain yourself. Unless your kids are in immediate physical danger, you just have to stay away and give your child the dignity to fend for himself for the day. What you can do is to report the incidence of bullying to the school authorities and talk to the parents of the child who is abusing your son or daughter.



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