Bullying Prevention: How to Stay Clear from Bullying on the Road 
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Bullying Prevention: How to Stay Clear from Bullying on the Road

By Carl Lafresnaye

Open bullying is very common especially when you are traveling on the road. A lot of drivers are very impatient to get to their destination that they do not have any qualms about honking their horn or shouting and swearing at their fellow drivers at the slightest

In many cases, such aggressive behavior on the road results to accidents and even death. Fortunately, you can prevent bullying on the road. To help you stay clear from open bullying on the road, here are a few tips to prevent roadside bullying.

Avoid Rush Hour

The best bullying prevention measure on the road is to stay away from heavy traffic. When the traffic is heavy, tempers rise and people become less considerate with each other. During the mornings, make sure that you leave the house very early so that you can avoid the heavy traffic on the main roads. Once you get caught in heavy traffic, you will get bullied by other drivers. The worst part is that you might even start bullying other drivers.

Keep Your Calm

Another bullying prevention technique on the road is to stay calm and focus on your diving especially when the traffic is heavy. Even if you are in a hurry to get to work in the morning and you are already running late, keep your calm. You will never get to the office at all if you meet and accident or you end up in a fight with another driver on the road. In fact, if you meet an accident and land in the hospital, you will not be able to report to the office at all for the new few days or worst; you could end up in a morgue and never be able to go to work at all, ever!

Common Courtesy

A good bullying prevention tip is to extend common road courtesy to other drivers. Do not swerve from one lane to another when driving because this could be hazardous for the driver behind you. Always remember that all of you are in a great hurry to get to your destination so be considerate. Do not cut anybody off because this can provoke the other driver.

In order to prevent roadside bullying, donít sound your horn if the car in front of you stops moving. Honking your horn will not help in a bumper to bumper situation on the road. The more you honk your horn, the more irritated the other drivers will become. Besides, if you start honking your horn, the car behind you will start doing the same causing more commotion in turn.



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