Boot Camp for Out of Control Kids Are Growing In Popularity due to Bullying 
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Boot Camp for Out of Control Kids Are Growing In Popularity due to Bullying

By Carl Lafresnaye

Every parent would love to have the perfect child but sadly this is not the case. Many kids today are troubled and resent parental control. If you find yourself facing a situation that you canít seem to deal with you might want to consider boot camp.

In todayís poor economy most parents work outside the home which gives the kids too much time to get into trouble.

Boot camp and out of control kids have seemed to find favor with each other in recent years. Boot camps provide a structured environment where the kids are not allowed to do as they please. Some boot camp descriptions compare the camp to a military boot camp because of the rigorous schedule. Physical conditioning and discipline are usually a big part of boot camp protocol.

Boot Camp for Out of Control Kids Ė Do They Help?

Kids who attend boot camp are usually the ones who have been in trouble with the law. Most have probably already been convicted of a crime and the court system believes this might help deter them from committing further crimes. The courts hope to intervene in the kids lives and keep them from going to an adult prison later in life.

Boot camp for out of control kids does not prove to be as successful as it was first hoped. Often kids are resentful at the rigid structure they must endure at camp. These camps usually devote about half of the day to education. Kids are taught the consequences of certain activities such as alcohol and drugs. Further counseling for those difficult cases can be available if needed.

The up side of boot camp and out of control kids is the fact that camp usually focuses more on rehabilitation rather than on punishment. Some kids are receptive to this type treatment, especially when they are educated about the reality of life in prison.

The Importance of Aftercare

Often out of control kids return to crime after boot camp because they fail to follow up with the aftercare program. Further counseling and follow-up is important because this is the crucial time when kids are likely to go back to their old ways. This is a good time to try to encourage the kids to get involved in some sort of community program or an educational vocational program.

Boot camp and out of control kids are things you donít want to think about as a parent but in reality it could very well save your kids life. It is much better to try this option than to do nothing and allow the behavior to continue. Boot camp often shows kids a side of life they wish to avoid at the same time it teaches them discipline. It doesnít work for everybody, but for the one it does work for it is worth the effort.



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