Recognizing the neighbor bully 
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Results from a new survey of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools students released Wednesday morning has brought up new concerns about bullying and suicide.

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Recognizing the neighbor bully

By Sandy Jones

Do you have a neighbor who is a bully? There are many neighbor bully types and many reasons that problems start.

Some bullies will use noise, or their dogs as ways to agitate their victims. Some will harass you by calling different government agencies and making anonymous complaints. Others will use the telephone to make endless calls at all times of the day and night. This will run off the tape on your answering machine, and annoy you with the phone ringing. When you turn off the phone, there is the possibility you will miss a important call. Whatever your neighbor bully is doing to you, it is important for you to realize this is not just happening to you. This is a time of neighbor against neighbor, and bullies are everywhere. What action or non action you take is important right now.

No one wants a neighbor bully, but if you have one, here is what you should do:

Start a diary, and keep detailed information about time,place, and a description of the incident. You can use a calendar for this too.

Communication is important if possible. There are some bullies who you are better off not engaging in any conversation. You should try to talk to your neighbor just in case they are not aware of their annoying you. Try to keep the conversation light and upbeat, and back off if the neighbor starts to get high handed. You might try writing your concerns in a letter or email too.

A good conversation might work wonders for your situation, but if you try and it doesn't work, you may need outside help.

Neighbor bullies are not uncommon, and they are found all over the world. Annoying people because they can or for nefarious reasons. Whatever the reason, and who ever the bully turns out to be, you don't have to take what they dish out. You may not have any control over the bully, but you do have control over how you react to the bully. Sometimes just not reacting can diffuse the situation, but other times you have to take a stand and make a complaint against the neighbor bully. This can sometimes make the situation worse, but at least you have a lawful record of the problem on top of your own records. I hope you never have to learn how to deal with neighbor bullies but if you do, remember that prayers are strong medicine and sometimes the best thing a person can do is 'let go and let God.


Neighbor bullies are too common. There are not enough resources in the United States about dealing with neighbor bullies at this time. Sometimes taking the bully to court or making complaints to the authorities can cause the situation to worsen. Communication is the best solution, but always be wary of a bully. If it seems like things are going smoother then let it be, sometimes getting too close to a neighbor bully is just asking for more trouble. Keep a record of everything that happens. Keep your head up, and if you are a religious person ask for Gods help.



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