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Tax and Tax Information

Index of Articles about Taxes

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Looking at the Internal Revenue Service's website ( can be a bewildering experience. A vast array of tax forms greets you and figuring out which ones to use can be a chore. This guide is designed...

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There are many people who wonder if they really have to file taxes since they do not make very much money. Since taxes are so dreaded by most people, answering the question of how much money a person...

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IRS wants you to retire Financially Free!      We will answer your questions and give you options about how to become Financially Free when you retire

Tax answers/options when you sell your Home.       We will answer your questions about the tax free home sales and give you options on tax free exchanges

So, You got a letter from IRS?  We can help.     Letters from IRS are scary. We will answer your questions at no charge.

S-Corp, LLC, C-Corp, Partnership - Your Choice?     Selecting the correct Business Entity is confusing.  We will give you the tax options of each Business Entity.

How not to pay taxes when you sell income property.      We will explain how to do a tax free exchange & not pay taxes when you sell your income property.

Tax and Tax Information
Tax Tips For The Unemployed (CNN Money)
Tax time can be a painful time for many of us, and it's especially tough for people without jobs. If you're unemployed, there are a few twists and turns in the tax code that can work to your benefit.
Rally To Push For Hike To Georgia Cigarette Tax (AP Via Yahoo! Finance)
Anti-smoking advocates say they know a way to help fill Georgia's $1 billion budget shortfall: hike the tax on cigarettes by $1.
No Blowing Smoke: Group Discusses SC Cigarette Tax (AP Via Yahoo! Finance)
Doctors and an anti-smoking group discuss efforts to raise South Carolina's 7-cent-a-pack cigarette tax that is the lowest in the nation.
New York Mayor Bloomberg Presses For Tax On Soda (Reuters Via Yahoo! News)
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg urged state legislators to levy a tax on soda, saying the money raised would help plug the state's shortfalls in health care and education funding.
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New York Governor David Paterson, facing at least a $9 billion budget deficit, rejected a call for a stock transfer tax on Wall Street.
Tax Season Brings Out The Fraud Artists (ABC News)
Tax season is a popular time for identity-theft scams. Identity theft - Theft - Crime - Fraud - Law

How much should it cost to prepare your 2009 taxes?

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In a study conducted by the National Association of Tax Professionals at the end of the 2008 tax season to determine the commom pricing methods at all Tax Professionals. The methods they found were:

1. Fee for each tax form or schedule
2. Fee based on last year's fee plus an additional fee for any changes in a client's tax situation
3. Minimum tax return fee plus an additional fee based on the complexity of the client's situation
4. Value-based fee based on the subjective value of the tax preparation service,
5. Hourly rate for time spent preparing the tax return, and A set fee for each item of data entry.

You'll want to ask how they determine their prices, and what they estimate your tax preparation service might cost. But because of per-item, per-form, or per-hourly rates, it might be impractical for an accountant to provide you with an accurate price quote. Accordingly, you'll want to ask accountants for a likely price range for your tax return.

A CPA Moms does not give estimates, they give you a exact rate they you are going pay and if you have a refund they will take their fee from your refund.

Average Prices for Tax Preparation Fees according to the National Association of Tax Professionals reports the following average prices charged by their members:

Average for 1040 with Schedule A and state return: $205
Average for 1040 with state return: $115
Average hourly rate: $122.12

Average Prices at Franchised Tax Offices

H&R Block: $187.17 per return average for 2008 tax season
Jackson Hewitt: $188.96 per return average for 2008 tax season

The fees charged by the chains and as reported by the National Society of Accountants are fairly similar. So these average prices may represent a sort of range for average prices charged.

Find Out What's Included in the Tax Preparation Fee

To help you determine if your tax preparation fee is appropriate, be sure to ask the accountant exactly what's included in the fee.
Do they charge extra for electronic filing?
Do they charge extra if you need a copy of your tax return later in the year?
Does the fee include a tax consultation or planning meeting where you can ask questions and received advice on how to minimize your taxes?

Some firms, especially the franchise chains, charge an extra fee for audit protection. This is basically a way to prepay for any costs associated with an audit of your tax return. So you should ask the accountant how they charge in case your return is audited, or if they will correct any mistakes they make free of charge.

Additionally, find out how the tax professional will charge if you call up later in the year to ask a tax question, or need copies of your documents, or need to respond to a letter from the IRS.

Each CPA Mom uses a their own personal method for setting prices for tax preparation services. The price for tax preparation services increases depending upon the complexity of the tax return.

A CPA Mom will quote a price before they start working on your tax return and it will be the same price when they finish.

The general information in this publication is not intended to be nor should it be treated as tax, legal, or accounting advice. Additional issues could exist that would affect the tax treatment of a specific transaction and, therefore, taxpayers should seek advice from an independent tax advisor based on their particular circumstances before acting on any information presented. This information is not intended to be nor can it be used by any taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding tax penalties.

What Other Authors say about Taxes

Find the Right Service to Prepare Your Taxes by Don Kransteuber

It is possible to save money on your tax preparation fees by doing some advance preparation of your own. Make sure that you organize your paperwork and receipts to save time and ensure nothing is missed....

Tax Credits for Retirement Savings by Richard A. Chapo

It is a well-known fact that Americans are miserable failures when it comes to saving for retirement. Well, the government is offering tax credits to change this for some of us.Tax Credits for Retirement...

A History of the Income Tax in the U.S. by Garry Gamber

After the United States declared its independence and fought the Revolutionary War, the U.S. Congress relied on excise taxes on alcohol, tobacco and a few other products for revenue to pay off its war...

Social Security Tax by Hans Hasselfors

You should be able to find several indispensable facts about social security tax in the following paragraphs. If there's at least one fact you didn't know before, imagine the difference it might make....

Income Tax Booklet- Useful Roadmap For Tax Savings by deepak kulkarni

<p>Now consider your credit card. Most credit cards carry an interest rate of anywhere from twelve to twenty-one percent. If you owe taxes that you can't pay, you probably have a higher interest...

Where Can You Get Answers To Your Tax Questions? by Carl LaFresnaye

Taxes are an unfortunate part of our lives. But our tax money finances so many parts of our government, taxes are here to stay. It would be nice if taxes were cut and dried, easy to understand and easy...

Using The Federal Withholding Tax Table by Carl LaFresnaye

The federal withholding tax table is used to determine the amount of taxes that an individual must pay according to his or her living status, amount of money he or she makes, and his or her age. These...

Get Help From A Tax Attorney by David C Skul

All the people have to handle tax problems, which can be very difficult if you have to manage these troubles by yourself. And things can get worse if one day the IRS comes knocking on your door. You don't...

Panama: The Benefits of this Jurisdiction for your IBC by Richard Price

Why use the jurisdiction of Panama for your IBC? Does 'no income tax', 'no capital gains tax' and 'no estate tax' capture your attention? If so, read onPanama constitution provides the highest levels...

Tax Magic: How To Turn Taxable Income Into Tax-Free Income by Wayne M. Davies

Believe it or not, there are ways to convert taxable incomeinto non-taxable income, without any fear of an IRS audit.Here's one of my favorites. It's been part of ourtax code for over 30 years, yet many...

How And Where To Find Valuable Tax Information by Gray Rollins

Taxpayers have two options when filing a federal or state income tax return. Taxpayers can have their tax returns professionally prepared or they can prepare their own taxes. Whatever tax preparation option...

Is The RRSP The Most Effective Plan For Your Retirement? by Yvonne Finn

For many years Canadians have been relying on the income from their RRSP, which was instituted in 1957, to fund their retirement years.Now, however, the small rates of return, taxes and inflation are threatening...

Self-Employed Taxes: Helping You Know Your Responsibilities by Jeff Casmer

1. Estimated Tax Payments: If you are a sole proprietor, a partnership, or a shareholder in a Sub-chapter S corporation, you are considered self-employed. Since you don't have an employer deducting taxes...

Filing An Income Tax Return by Gray Rollins

When the month of April rolls around most of America is preparing their income tax returns. Each year all individuals who made an income are required to report that income to federal and state governments...

Tips For Preparing Your Taxes from the Internet by Cal Golden

When it comes to preparing our taxes, many of us could use some help. The following websites offer guidance and information that may assist you in learning about how to get the most out of filing your...

Who are the CPA Moms?      Your Tax Professional Forever!!!!

CPA Moms - Tax Moms - EA Moms" are trade names given to Accounting and Tax Professionals who chose to work in an relaxed environment. Some "Moms" work from home, other work from personal offices. Not all are Moms, there are some Dads. We call them Mr. Tax Moms. CPA Dads or Enrolled Agents Dads.
Each Mom is independent. Once a client starts working with a Mom, the client will keep the same Mom year after year regardless of where the client moves or relocates. Being in a relaxed environment has many advantages. Lower overhead, faster response time, more availability, etc.
To be a member a CPA Mom, Tax Moms, or an Erolled Moms the Tax Professional must ALWAYS be in good standing with their state licensing agency, experienced, and must demonstrate a high level of ethics, professionalism and proficiency.
Tax Net Inc, the parent company for all CPA Moms, Tax Moms and Enrolled Moms, developed the marketing and on-line systems to help qualified Tax Professionals who "choose" work from their relaxed environment and offer better service at a lower price to the consumer.
Since the Moms do taxes and accounting of all complexities, there is always a Mom available for every level of work. Since each Mom has a private 800 number, you are just a phone call away, regardless of where you live.
For reliability and dependability of Tax Net, Inc, the parent company of the Moms organization click on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) icon.

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